Wildflower Wax Co. 

2019 - present

Branding & Identity, Creative Direction, Retail/Brand Management, Music Curation

Founded when I was 16, Wildflower Wax Co. is a vinyl record store and music archive based in Singapore.

Originally just a method to save shipping $ when I was first tending to my vinyl hobby, I eventually ventured into a creative entrepreneurship that blended my own personal/working philosophies, music curation, creative direction and all that’s found amongst the wooden crates to build Wildflower into what it is today – my brainchild that toes business and pleasure, and quite certainly, the most important project that has defined me as a young creative.

Centered on the history and cultural touchstones that accompany music on vinyl, Wildflower was built to revive and ground the importance of physical experiences with music in our digital age.

In 2020, lockdown gave me solid time to reassess my relationship with this burgeoning online store that I built in my childhood bedroom. I revamped Wildflower’s concept, gave it a fresh visual identity, and developed new BTL strategies. It started to grow legs, and think on its own.

In July 2021, Wildflower defied the odds and made its move into physical retail. Multi-label creative store Spades Room now stocks Wildflower in their physical location in Tai Seng. We’ve been featured on Esquire, FEMALE, and Time Out Magazine.

A few spins along the way, we’ve had the privilege of participating at wonderful pop-ups around the island, and even partnering with Universal Music Group as a client. And we’re just getting started.

Wildflower is an extension of my personality.

It’s still just  me that runs it on the day-to-day.
I love it a lot. There will be mistakes, and the copy will not be perfect, but I keep that distance to keep it mine.

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Wildflower at Spades

Product Photography

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