Polaroid by JX Soo

👋️ hi i’m ashley 

I’m a young creative from Singapore,
now based in Chicago
with deep experience and passion for advertising, journalism,
and the general media space.

🥋 I’ve practiced my writing chops at some of the world’s leading creative companies, which include VICE Media and BLKJ Havas.

👩🏻‍🎤 I founded my very own record store, Wildflower Wax Co., which has been featured on ChannelNewsAsia, Esquire, & Singapore Art Week, and established a retail storefront for Wildflower all before I turned 18.

🖍️ I’ve pledged 4 precious years to pick up the pen at infamous Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, after 3 years at also-infamous 😈  School of Film & Media Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Being born in the generation of the New Internet, I understand how personalities are crafted through trend, identity is sculpted by influence, and knowledge is dishwasher salmon recipes  –– 

which leaves me to understand and place myself in this way of life,
while balancing my true love of being irresponsibly nostalgic

and for now, at least,
putting it to worth
in the all-too-ironic craft of
doing creative sh*t for a living. ✌🏻

contact  👋️


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footprints  🍄️


Vice Media Group 
(VIRTUE Worldwide)

Creative + Producer


BLKJ Havas
Copywriter Intern


Freelance Creative
Creative producing, integrated campaigns.
(Film, web, print, music events)


Wildflower Wax Co.
/Creative Director

pop the champagne 🥂️


Dean’s List 
Northwestern University 
Ngee Ann Polytechnic (x4 semesters)

︎︎︎2020 - 2023

Top Performance in Module
- Contemporary Media Issues I, II
- Capstone Project (Feature Journalism)
- Media Entreprenurship
- Public Relations


The New York Times Review 

selected press  🌴

Esquire  / TimeOut Magazine / ChannelNewsAsia  / FEMALETemasek Polytechnic  / Singapore Art Week / Magazine for Young Girls

galaxy brained 🧠️

︎︎︎2027 expected

Northwestern University (US)
B.S., Journalism


School of Film & Media Studies,
Ngee Ann Polytechnic (SG)

Diploma in Mass Communication

Ashley Wong
b. 2003