Wildflower is 
a record store that remembers


I knew from a young age that music was not something that could be taken away from me. 
Countless nights spent reading music journalism, producing my own tunes, and even partially losing my hearing at age 15... I started to speak, understand, and learn about pop culture, urbanism and history through the lens of everything that was music.

Vinyl records are a collection of all my creative loves. Large format art, prolific music history, sometimes tapping on the political and the socio-economical, all blending to provide the escape to paradise at the drop of a needle.

I founded Wildflower online in 2019, when I was 16, to blend my love for music, community, and the idea of revitalizing analog formats and ethics in a digital age.  What started from a humble account on Carousell grew into the type of side-hustle that I always dreamed of, enabling me to connect with fellow music lovers daily. 

Till this day, the store runs on a tight curation basis, reflects my personal taste and revolves around stories I wish to share with the Singaporean creative + music community at large, hopefully expanding into various types of cultural programming in the future.

In 2021, Wildflower embarked on a partnership with multi-label creative collective Spades Room to occupy physical retail space, all before I turned 18 years old. We’ve been featured on Esquire, FEMALE Singapore, and Time Out Magazine

Wildflower is for people who live and breathe music, its culture and its stories.

Thank you for keeping the faith, and keep it spinnin’.

Favourite Hits

Alanis Morisette, Jagged Little Pill
US Original 1996

Arthur Verocai, Self-Titled
Mr Bongo Red Vinyl Reissue 2019

Studio Ghibli Soundtracks
Joe Hisaishi

Rare Japanese Beatles Pressings
1960s - 1970s

Yeezus anyone?
Kanye West’s studio albums

Selected Ambient Works [85-92]
Aphex Twin



What does rest mean to you?
In an attention economy, can we truly recharge?

On 19 March 2021, 
I decided to momentarily free myself from commitments,
hyperconnectedness, and the mental jungle I found myself in.

There was no phone or Internet or emergency contact
as I made a pilgrimmage to Pulau Ubin –
an island of yesteryear Singapore,
habitated by its last 30 residents and
an abundance of forgotten heritage.

Just an analog film camera for memories,
and pen and paper to jot down observations.

Ever since then, I’ve sworn to make a habit
of this sabbath annually, on the same day.

A day of mental and physical
reconcilliation with our pent-up feelings
that doesn’t involve smashing people’s heads in –

Only your own.
(I fell many times.)

Wild boars, snakes, and repellent optional.

19 March 2021
Ubin Sabbath I