Potpourri usually refers to that little bowl of dried flowers in your bathroom.

It also means a medley of things, and is my favorite Jeopardy category.

Here’s my little potpourri corner: a fun bowl of small-scale creative nonsense, sporadically updated.

It smells good.

What does?  ︎︎︎

Mean Mr. Mustard Revisited
Video Editing

I’m a big Beatles fan. Apart from Here Comes the Sun, the side B of Abbey Road is frequently forgotten.

I’m thinking of an alternate reality where Polythene Pam is a supermarket cashier. Her name really fits.

I found some archival VHS tapes for workplace safety, and the rest is rock history.

Lined scripts! Fun! (not.)

The Spa
Video Editing + Color + Sound Mix

In my first year of media school, I tried my hand at proper production-house style film editing. I edited “The Spa” - a short film about a man getting an unexpected delivery for a backyard resort. (Don’t be fooled by the thumbnail - it’s really heartwarming!)

We had unmarked B-rolls, completes, and ambient rolls, & only used lined shooting scripts as our reference points.

This is an edit I completed with additional color grading & sound mixing.

“Gored” –  Guitar Playthrough Video
Cinematography and Set

My friend, Trevor, is a huge heavy metal freak and musician, from the band DOG EATER.  

We made a video covering UK Hardcore band Loathe’s “Gored”, and I helped out with filming and cinematography. Enjoy!

Twombly Kicks
Umm.. modern art?

Circuit breaker makes you want to do crazy things. Like splatter paint on perfectly good Chucks as a response to abstract expressionism paintings, which resonated deeply with me during that trying period. 

Except... the Chucks are from Taobao, so this doubles up as a statement on consumerism.
(Wow!! #Deep)