What does rest mean to you?
In an attention economy, can we truly recharge?

On 19 March 2021, 
I decided to momentarily free myself from commitments,
hyperconnectedness, and the mental jungle I found myself in.

There was no phone or Internet or emergency contact
as I made a pilgrimmage to Pulau Ubin –
an island of yesteryear Singapore,
habitated by its last 30 residents and
an abundance of forgotten heritage.

Just an analog film camera for memories,
and pen and paper to jot down observations.

Ever since then, I’ve sworn to make a habit
of this sabbath annually, on the same day.

A day of mental and physical
reconcilliation with our pent-up feelings
that doesn’t involve smashing people’s heads in –

Only your own.
(I fell many times.)

Wild boars, snakes, and repellent optional.

19 March 2021
Ubin Sabbath I